Privacy Policy

This text explains in simple words but also clearly what data we collect and how we use it. Its purpose is to help you stay informed and decide what data you want to share with us and how.


The sole proprietorship “Dialechti Karabounarli” [hereinafter “Company” or “us”] is located at I. Mandalidou 39, in Didymoteicho, is according to the law responsible for the processing of personal data of the visitors of the website of “”.

Personal Data We Collect

As part of the provision of our Services, we may collect and further process your personal data, depending on the functionalities you use:

  • Identification information, such as name, the username of the registered user, password, and date of registration, if you log in to your account.
  • Contact details, such as email address, postal address, and telephone number.
  • Additional information, such as basket products, order number, and date, delivery status, order amount and shipping costs, information regarding the cancellation, change or return of order, IBAN and name of bank account holder (including any relevant receipt), name, expiration date, and a pseudonymous bank card number (in the form 123456ΧΧΧΧΧ7899).
  • We do not have access to the full details of your bank card, as we apply the strong security and encryption standards of PCI (Payment Card Industry).
  • Information we receive when you tell us your opinion about our Services, such as reviews, product reviews (including any photos and order numbers you send us), satisfaction surveys, questions and answers to them, as well as your comments or suggestions to make us better.
  • Our company, with the aim of improving the services it provides, has integrated the BestPrice 360 ​​Analytics tool into this website, in the context of extracting statistics and performance data from the participation of its online store in the corresponding product price comparison platform, in which it participates. BestPrice Analytics 360 allows the transmission of anonymous data to, regarding the movement of users on this website (such as a visit or online order) for the extraction of the corresponding statistical results and for the improvement of marketing actions. In addition, only if you have given your consent to save orders through the corresponding option in your profile, every order you register online will be automatically saved in your profile. This feature serves exclusively to store the basic order details (such as order code, products, etc.) without transmitting any personal data contained in your order. This possibility is in no way related to the processing of the order, for which our company is responsible and responsible. More information on the possibility of storing your orders at, press here.
  • Free text details and any reference to a company, which we receive in the context of a question from you through the special contact form of .
  • Information we collect through tools such as cookies and using local storage, such as your searches on with any filters or other sorting / comparison options, the products you promote, the details of the purchases you make, your interaction with the Services and the functionalities of our website, your transition to the website of a partner store, the purchases you make on the websites of certain technical issues of navigation and transaction security and errors, IP address, type and manufacturer of your device, type of browser, type and version of the operating system or application you are using; from another website, as well as other statistical information in general for our users.
  • Voice recording, in limited cases, when you call our customer service center.

Why we collect them

The above personal data are processed by us exclusively for the service of the following purposes and in accordance with the following legal bases:


The Company processes your data in order to be able to offer you the services you choose to use, such as new member registration and account management, management of your options, submission and management of questions, reviews, and comments through our website, including the use of special electronic contact forms, the service of your order, including the management of changes/returns, the information on the progress of your order through Facebook Messenger if you choose explicitly, as well as the provision of telephone or electronic service and support to our users.

Legal interest

It is in the legal interest of the Company to carry out audits to prevent fraud against transactions or malicious use of our Services, as well as for the smooth operation and security of its systems, to send satisfaction surveys and other general or personalized promotional communication to its users, to confirms the authenticity of registered users (eg in order to submit comments and ratings that correspond to reality), analyzes the consumer trends and profile of its users for internal research and development purposes and addresses suggestions for answering another user’s question or critique products, to specific users.

Legal Obligation

The Company is obliged by law to cooperate with the competent authorities to combat specific incidents that concern in particular purchases made through our website and that are considered suspicious for fraud, unauthorized use or theft of a bank card, etc. We are also required by law to manage and respond to your requests regarding the protection of your personal data.

Public Information

By using the functions of submitting reviews, answering other users’ questions, etc., each user acknowledges that the information they provide, which may reveal personal preferences, habits or even sensitive personal health data, is manifestly made public by them. for this purpose. Therefore, the Company, based on this voluntary disclosure by the users, processes these data for the above purposes.

Account Information

You do not need to have an account to use our Services, however, you may choose to create an account to use some of our Services or to write a product review. If you choose to create an account, we will ask for your email and a username. Alternatively, you can register using a third party provider account (eg Facebook), in which case the corresponding username, any e-mail and other login information will be used, such as a profile photo. The username will appear throughout your public activity, such as discussions and product reviews and partner stores. We will use your email to contact you and to receive limited notifications from you can choose which notifications you will receive using your account settings.

Finally, you can choose to share with us information such as your gender and age, to help us better understand the audience we are addressing.

Public Information

If you want, you can post material on , either in the form of a product or in the form of a discussion. In any case, this content will be available to all visitors of , as well as to the visitors of partner stores that incorporate content from and will be displayed together with the username you have chosen.


You can choose to share with us an address / region in order to help you choose the right product for your purchases, calculating for example the shipping cost. This address / area needs to be accurate, as it is necessary for the delivery of your order that we manage.

Also, if you have allowed your browser or device to automatically notify you of your exact location, we will use this location to show you better search results and in particular accurate results in the store “distance” filter, accurate final price calculation including shipping and cash on delivery, proximity to stores in your area or to help you generally save an address to your profile.

Storage of products and purchases

If you choose, you can save your favorite products or your purchases in a partner store, in your account. We may ask you by email to write a review for one of the products you have, or we may send you notifications of changes (eg price drop) to the products you have stated that you are interested in. you can manage your favoritesor your saved orders and select the notifications you will receive using your account settings.

Save shipping / payment details

Shipping details are saved for use in future orders and to calculate shipping on your searches. You can view and manage your addresses in your account settings.

If you select it, you can save your card details for future transactions. In this case, the data will be stored securely in a licensed payment service provider.

Analytics & Cookies

  • What it stands for:
    Some affiliates use the Google Analytics feature, which is based on cookies. When you go from to a partner store that has Google Analytics enabled, if you have previously given your consent for cookies at, browsing data for your session and any purchases at that store are transmitted to Google Analytics. It is emphasized that your second consent for the use of Google Analytics is not required, through (and) the website of each merchant, if you have given consent for cookies on
  • How to opt out:
    In order not to participate in the collection of browsing data and subsequent export of statistics through Google Analytics, it is enough to either not consent from the beginning to the cookies in, or to modify any consent you have already given to for the future, at the bottom of the cookies policy There you can see in detail exactly which cookies we and our partners use in the context of Google Analytics.
  • Purpose:
    The purpose of Google Analytics is to generate analytics and sales statistics based on product and category. This helps us both to develop and improve our Services. For this reason, the common purposes and means of processing, and only in terms of the Google Analytics data described below, are considered by law as Processors.
  • What is recorded:
    The browsing events that are recorded only if the user has previously given his consent for cookies on page visits, purchase of specific products and its detailed data (order number, amount, products, method of payment, shipping, etc.), browsing time, IP address, data related to the respective device (such as the version of the operating system or web connection, browser version), as well as any service improvement meta tags. The above is linked to a random user ID and/or order, from which the user is not directly identified for
    The information of a user that we receive in the above way may be directly related to the Google account of that user ( username), only after his own special action (eg “Save my order on ” ).
    Otherwise, the data collected through Google Analytics may be considered personal data by applicable privacy laws, as they may theoretically identify a user (although they do not directly identify him or her). For this reason, faithful to our values for the maximum protection of our users, they are treated by us in every case and in their entirety as personal data and we apply to them all the appropriate technical and organizational security measures.
  • How long do we keep them:
    The cookies used to collect browsing data in view of the Google Analytics functionality are deleted in a short period of time (in 30 days), in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of sales acquisition, ie the recognition of your visit and/or purchase to a website partner, as our reference. This data is kept for a period of not more than two (2) years and then anonymized (that is, they are no longer considered personal data by law) and remain as statistics in its systems. In this context, we may share information publicly to show trends in the general usage of our services.
  • Who do we share them with:

Your personal data is collected and further processed by the authorized teams of, with full respect for your privacy. In the context of the provision of our Services, the recipients of your personal data may be the following categories of our partners:

  • Providers of analytics and performance measurement services for our website or app, such as Google, data storage providers such as SoftOne, Microsoft and Amazon, telephone solution providers such as Avaya and Sangoma Technologies, social network providers such as Facebook, as well as online map providers such as MapBox. Your data may be transmitted outside the European Area and especially in the USA by these companies, although the relevant storage of data is done mainly in the EU.
  • Payment service providers such as Everypay.
  • Data network service providers for the interconnection of our infrastructure with the internet.
  • Collaborating stores, in the context of processing your order, resolving a dispute or question.
  • Collaborating courier companies, in the context of delivery of your order.
  • Collaborating companies of communication technology solutions, such as Survey Monkey, SendGrid, Nexmo, Bulksms, Twilio, Gleam, Zendesk, Intercom, in the context of the management of our incoming and outgoing communication with you. Your data may be transmitted outside the European Area and especially in the USA and / or Australia by these companies, although the relevant storage of data is mainly done in the EU.
  • Collaborating customer service company, Webhelp.
  • Other categories of associates to whom the transmission of data may be required on a case-by-case basis in the context of the operation of our Services.
  • The police authorities and any other administrative, judicial or public authority or generally a legal or natural person to whom it may, by law or court decision, derive an obligation or right of to disclose such data.

You should remember that the comments you post or the reviews you make on , are publicly visible both on the website / app of , as well as on the websites of some partner stores and therefore any other visitor of these websites can read.

How Long Do We Keep Them

The Company keeps the personal data of its registered users for as long as they maintain their account. The personal data of the unregistered users that result from their interaction with our Services are kept for a period of not more than two (2) years after their last visit to the website of

The data of the recorded calls that document a transaction or its modification, will be kept for a period of maximum six (6) months.

Otherwise, after the end of the retention period or if a user requests the deletion of his account or data and there is no pending legal dispute or other dispute or legal interest arising from the use of our Services, his data will be deleted as soon as possible or will be anonymized.

Contact Information of Personal Data

For any question, clarification or request regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact the Company’s personal data protection officer,

Note: Ms. Dialechti Karabounarli

Via e-mail: