Dorina Women’s 3/4 sleeve kaftan Printed Maxi Code. D000649PC001-BK0041

Women’s beachwear Dorina with wide 3/4 sleeve. Chiffon embroidery with exotic foliage and jungle flowers Maxi in a comfortable fit that fits all bodies. Lovely caftan with an opening on the sides with a drawstring under the chest. You’ll love it…Boost your confidence with vibrant color palettes, reminiscent of exciting escapes to Latin America! Women’s swimwear and lingerie that allow women to express themselves. Underwear that enhances and supports your curves and makes you stronger. Modern creations – Excellent quality and comfort – Affordable prices Since 1968, the DORINA brand has become synonymous with affordable, high quality lingerie. DORINA offers specially designed collections for every need and body.

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